Episode 224: Holiday Party Animal

There’s a bunch of fun holiday markets and shows and other shit happening in Charleston this month! I talk about a few and manage to resurrect my holiday spirit. By the end of the episode I’m even mildly excited about December in spite of myself.

Then, I take way too long to go over all the different snacks I’ll be making on Christmas Eve and caution you against humiliating your guests by making, ridiculous, impossible-to-eat, sloppy, giant, stupid canapés.



“a small French passed hors d’oeuvre. AKA one-biters.” (I made this definition up. but it’s accurate.)

However, if your goal is to humiliate your guests…I provide a few good examples of just how to do that. Whatever you’re into, there’s something for everyone. Bah H—appy Holidays…. 😒

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