Episode 209: CAKE CAKE CAKE with Aimee France aka Yungkombucha420

In some strange turn of events I’m the first person EVER to invite Aimee France on a podcast?? She is known on instagram as yungkombucha420 and her cakes quite literally stopped me in my tracks. Clearly I’m not alone in that because she recently made Chloë Sevigny’s wedding cake and has more orders than she can handle.

If you live in NYC and would like to place an order you can email her at
💌 yungkombucha@gmail.com


SEE HER CAKES HERE: https://www.instagram.com/yungkombucha420/

Episode 205: Beth Stelling Loves Bagels

Lindsay sits down with Nameless Numberhead’s always hilarious Maari Suorsa and incredibly talented stand up comedian Beth Stelling for an extra special (Wednesday?!?) edition of Effin B Radio. Beth has comedy specials streaming now on HBO + Netflix and writes for some of the funniest shows you know (most recently Rick + Morty ) and we chat about what she eats when she’s on the road, how she and Maari met in Chicago and most importantly her COMEDY SHOW IN CHARLESTON that’s happening this Thursday (June 9th) at The Music Farm. Don’t miss this show!!!

Grab tickets here: https://www.ticketmaster.com/event/2D005C889D6F4D15?_ga=2.206591447.531211095.1651253052-1144036863.1651253048

Or grab tickets for future shows in your area by going to: https://bethstelling.com