chickenbucket LIFE RAFT TREATS saves our lives with so many treats.  Owners Cynthia Wong and Mary Oster stop by the studio to tell us all about Charleston’s hottest new TREAT TRUCK and totally blow our minds with an amazing announcement: the truck will transform in the winter. (hint: it doesn’t involve ice-cream) AND it just wouldn’t be our ONE HUNDREDTH episode without our darling Philip Michael Cohen but it’s life-saving nonetheless. (fear not, the 100th episode airs NEXT WEEK.)

Episode #95: DJ PICNIC

64B33965-B406-4876-AC5C-CA95692E2EAFThat Kwei Fei, it’s so hot right now.  David and Tina Schuttenberg are behind our favorite late night haunt. (You might remember the life-giving Sichuan pop-up from THE EFFIN BEST AWARDS.) And this week Dave is our esteemed guest.  After his dream of being a radio disco jockey evaporated (no joke) he went to culinary school, but if I do say so myself, he’s got a knack for this radio thing.  tune in, it’s tingly.

Episode #94: The JAYCE of SPADES ♠️



Jayce McConnell is practically perfect in every way.  He’s the Head Bartender at Edmunds Oast and has a legendary mustache. He joins Lindsay, Nikki and Phil in the effinb HQ and tells us what a fancy bartender like himself drinks at home. [A huge extra special thanks to him for guest bartending after the show and for wearing that unicorn zombie t-shirt. ]