Episode #46: Katie Bell of the ball


The magnificent Katie Bell has a resume that won’t quit. This Per Se alum went on to be the Service Director of Blue Hill, opened USGH’s Untitled and is currently the GM of Agern NYC.  She joins the gang in the studio to talk  service included and why the Danes do it better.  We learn about a new lipgloss that’s pricey but worth it and re-hash a super fancy party.

Episode #43:work work work work WORKSTEAD


Phil is BACK at it just in time to interview his beautiful wife’s bosses. WORKSTEAD  (the awe-inspiring husband and wife duo-designer’s behind The Wythe Hotel, BK and The Dewberry Hotel, CHS) is in the studio reminding us that we could never be that fucking chic. No matter what. OH and we may or may not have found a way to end the staffing crisis..check it.