Episode 169: Skewers

I’ve really been making up for lost time and hitting up lots of places to eat. Some of the highlights include BAR ROLLINS, BAR GEORGE, EL MOLINO AND BABAS ON CANNON to name a few. Plus, I mull over why Charleston’s Food Critic leaving her post wasn’t a bigger story?

Episode 167: Back Of The Bag Bangers

I introduce a new segment for Effin b radio called “Back of the Bag Bangers” and try to get you to come to an improv show by snagging a ticket at http://www.numberheadcomedy.com/tickets. I also go on and on about the spot I can’t get out of my head: Cudaco. THE FISH SANDY IS epic, the rice bowls are thoughtful and so fresh but it’s the frozen key lime pie custard that makes me drive down the highway blaring “The Boys of Summer by Don Henley” wearing only my bathing suit like its 1983.

Episode 166: Germaine Jenkins + Bridget Besaw of ROOTED a documentary film about FOOD APARTHEID IN AMERICA

Lindsay sits down with Germaine Jenkins, co-founder of Fresh Future Farm and Bridget Besaw, an environmental documentarian, to discuss the forthcoming documentary about FOOD APARTHEID in America: ROOTED. The episode is incredible, but first and foremost please pause the show and go to http://www.rootedfilm.com and donate to their Kickstarter. The film is currently in a round of fundraising needed to take it through the editing process. This is a critical stage in getting this wildly important feature film out into the world. The Kickstarter ends on March 31st, so don’t waste a moment. Germaine’s story is truly remarkable. Listen in now to learn more about how you can support Food Justice in America and the incredible place that is Fresh Future Farm.

Episode 165: Chef Maryam Ghaznavi is inspiring us all!

Lindsay sits down with Maryam Ghaznavi, The Chef and Owner of Ma’am Saab, to discuss her incredible and unexpected path to becoming a Chef. She and her husband are bringing unforgettable Pakistani cuisine to Charleston and her story is one you won’t want to miss. Their new spot on Meeting Street is opening this summer but you can find them NOW at The Workshop on King Street.

Here’s what I order at Ma’am Saab:

Butter Chicken


Lahori Cholay with a Pakola

Episode 163: Born a Collage with Isabel Bornstein

Lindsay invites Argentinian artist: Isabel Bornstein on the show to discuss her amazing work, her time in restaurants and how images of comfort food worked their way into her exquisite collages. Before listening to this, I HIGHLY SUGGEST that you check out her work here: Born a Collage so you can have a visual of what we are talking about and go to her website to purchase one of these beautiful works of art. https://www.bornisabel.com

Episode 162: *Noodz* with Joe and Kevin Nierstedt

I finally muster up the energy to record an episode in 2021. My old pal Joe Nierstedt and my new pal Kev Nierstedt come on the show to discuss their pop-up KATSUBŌ (which I am currently obsessed with. I have nearly perfect attendance!) We talk what makes a ramen broth different from a tradtional stock and how they decided on their John’s Island Hot Chicken concept, Kinfolk. Joe and I are old friends from the NYC days of yore and we touch on why working in restaurants (even fancy ones!) doesn’t actually prepare you for running you own business, like, at all..

Here’s what I order at KATSUBŌ:

Shoyu (Chicken) Ramen add Kimchi and a seasoned egg, Hot Chicken Katsu ( I LOVE CHICKEN OK?) + a coke.