1D8F91EF-87E7-405B-AA7E-16DD8E47A84FIt’s our favorite time of the year.  We share all of our hottest turkey day tips in this extra long episode.  (hint: it involves oyster martinis and gambling.) Charleston Oyster Farm’s own Caitlyn Mayer joins us in the studio to talk local oysters and twinning and we learn about a cool new enamel pin you can buy with real money.  Happy Thanksgiving to you, our dear listeners. We might be more thankful for you than just about anyone…

Episode #77: Kerry Bombe


Kerry Diamond is the Co-Founder and Editorial Director of Cherry Bombe Magazine (our actual favorite magazine ever). She joins Nikki and Lindsay in the studio to talk about accidentally becoming a restaurant owner and how she and Claudia Wu launched one of the most beloved indie magazines of all time. oh and um, there’s something we need to talk about. ON DECEMBER THIRD 2017…CHERRY BOMBE + EFFINBRADIO are throwing a party to celebrate Cherry Bombe, a Cookbook at Monarch Wine Merchants  (Justin Coleman’s the coolest) with our pals Cynthia Wong, Melanie Durant and Morgan Calcotte!  Get all the details on today’s show and get your tickets now!  Trust us, you won’t want to miss it. Oh and that adorable kitty?  Her name’s Dusty. We love Dusty and we’ve never even met her.

Episode #76: Winter is Coming..


Gunnar Gíslason is the Chef of Agern a project by Claus Meyer in Grand Central Station.   He hails from Iceland and is basically made of magic.  We talk preparing for Winter, endless sunsets/sunrises and how he really feels about rotten shark.  The beautiful Katie Bell makes a super brief cameo in the NoMad studio much to Lindsay and Nikki’s delight.

Episode #74: You’re going to have to wait longer.


Phil (finally) joins Lindsay and the STUNNINGLY perfect Cynthia Wong (actually perfect in every way) in the studio to discuss why most diners hate waiting really normal amounts of time for food to be cooked in restaurants.  Phil discovers an app that lets you virtually taste food.  It’s really somethin’.  Cynthia brings us a bucket of chicken and we can’t stop talking about it.