Episode #72: [Beets] On Repeat



Nick Curtola is the Chef at The Four Horsemen, (a restaurant brought to you by LCD Soundsystem-ish) and he has virtually cracked the code on the staffing crisis.  The effortlessly approachable menu, charming space and super-natural wine list make it one of our most adored spots in all of Brooklyn.  He joins us in the NoMad studio to talk creating restaurant culture, kids pasta and Lindsay tells us about a brand new restaurant that makes you feel like a baby again.

Episode #69: Everybody Hoards, Sometimes.

IMG_6141The amazing Scott Blackwell of High Wire Distilling Co. joins Lindsay, Nikki and Phil in the studio to explain exactly how he ended up with 600ish pieces of rare Southern folk-art.  He also just happened to be hanging out in Athens, Georgia in the early 80’s with a tape recorder and possesses a music nerds’ buried treasure chest of bootlegs from bands like R.E.M. Pylon, and the B-52s. Get your geek on.  (part 2 airs next week.)

Episode #68: No apron strings attached.


Jenny Rosenstrach is the creator of Dinner: A Love Story the award-winning website, New York Times Bestselling author of Dinner: A Love Story, Dinner: The Playbook, and How to Celebrate Everything.  She and her husband, Andy Ward co-wrote the Providers column for Bon Appetit and she joins Nikki and Lindsay in the studio to talk Barbie cakes, required restaurant reading. They discover a new app that gives you no say whatsoever in what you eat for dinner. It’s bossy.