Episode 236: Sorelle with Chef Nick Dugan

Sorelle is perhaps one of the most difficult reservations to score in the city. Boasting multiple dining rooms and two different concepts, this jaw-dropping spot by the Michael Mina Group is truly unlike any other restaurant in Charleston. On today’s show I sit down with Chef Nick Dugan to hear about the 7 year long process of renovating historic 88 Broad street and what the reception has been like so far.

Learn More by going to: https://www.sorellecharleston.com

Episode 234: The Perks of Being a (former) Waitress

There are so many thrilling events to go to this weekend, I need to clone myself. (See Links Below) This week I checked out Charleston’s newest restaurant, Sorelle. Plus, I gear up for Charleston Wine and Food Festival and finally make FIG’s Ricotta Gnocchi at home.

Friday 2/24: Mechanical River and Friends with Art by Nathan McClements

Saturday 2/25: Hogs For the Cause “Rock The Block” VIP TICKETS


Episode 231: Jeremy Croft Dot Net

In an incredible turn of events I convince Charleston artist, Jeremy Croft to be a guest on my show. We talk about art and how many hours a day we spend talking to each other and I just love him very much. We also briefly touch on how he worked at a Chile’s in case you thought this podcast wasn’t about restaurants anymore…

Jeremy is showing a new group of paintings at Last Saint, tomorrow, Friday 2/3/23 from 5pm on. Stop by and check his work out for yourself. ♥️


Episode 229: How Frigidaire You.

I read a very short Ode to the Stromboli on air and lament about my broken fridge. PLUS, I’m officially allowed to tell you that I’m a panelist in the 2023 line up for FAB (a food and beverage conference hosted right here in Charleston!) You can get tickets starting March 3, 2023 but you can apply for a scholarship NOW by click this link: https://www.thisisfab.com/scholarship/

Tickets for RIP CITY (an experimental comedy show hosted by Nameless Numberhead ) 1/28/23

BUY TICKETS: https://www.numberheadcomedy.com/tickets

Episode 228: “NOMA is Nomo?” with Special Guest Robert Pratt

I decide to phone a friend to sort out my feelings on some recent food headlines, including but not limited to René Redzepi announcing Noma’s imminent closure in 2024, AI in restaurants in Charleston and Trader Joe’s lack of food. Robert and I both worked at Noma for free, coincidentally, and we weigh in on what the announcement means for the food world.

Follow Robert on Instagram + Tik Tok. @chezchezrobert