Episode #149:Vestal Life (4 Life) with Alfia Muzio

Lindsay calls up Alfia Muzio to discuss her latest project Vestal ( a rad culinary consultancy helping you with all things cooking at-home) and how she went from passing the Bar to being a line cook in some of NYC’s coolest restaurants.  They talk about her time working in the Bon Appetite Test Kitchen and how she gets her two extremely cute kids to eat food that isn’t always just chicken nuggets…(but sometimes it is..)


Episode #142: Corona-Phone-A-Friend II

In the second part of our series on Covid-19 vs. Restaurants, we cover two new cities: Savannah, Georgia and Austin, Texas.  Danny Skalak reports on the situation in Savannah and why statistics can be deceiving. Arjav Ezekiel tells us about a brilliant petition he wrote to get relief for the people suffering the terrifying financial ramifications of small business closures.  If you want to weigh in on how the Covid-19 is affecting your restaurant community send me a message at effinbradio@gmail.com  and we will give you a Corona-Call.