With Hurricane Florence looming off the coast of the Carolinas, Lindsay finds herself sealed in the house pondering snacks.  We call Chef Kelly Fields in New Orleans and find out “What’s For Family Meal?” at Willa Jean and what she always has on hand in case of a hurricane.  We will be back at full strength next week folks, stay safe out there.


It’s the first episode of Season IV!  The show starts off with a wildly bittersweet announcement. (It’s way bigger and more bitter than you’re even guessing) Then,  Lindsay introduces a new segment called “What’s For Family Meal?” where we find out what the super-fancy team at Bell’s in Los Alamos, CA is slurping down between services AND the one and only chef/owner duo Nayda Freire and Evan Gaudreau are in the studio talking about RENZO.  Plus, we get into what weird voodoo is behind the recent string of restaurant closings in Charleston.  It’s good to be back.


Episode #103: Stems & Skin contact

The incredible Angie Tunstall is a co-owner of Stems and Skins (our favorite wine bar in all the land) and a total badass. She joins the gang in the studio on a this freaky Friday to talk cheesecake, what to do with all that leftover bread and iberico ham fat one accumulates by running said “badass bar” and how she approaches staffing in this rapidly changing industry. Lindsay finds a new tool to help you figure out what to do with your life, happy Friday the 13th ya big weirdos!