Episode 229: How Frigidaire You.

I read a very short Ode to the Stromboli on air and lament about my broken fridge. PLUS, I’m officially allowed to tell you that I’m a panelist in the 2023 line up for FAB (a food and beverage conference hosted right here in Charleston!) You can get tickets starting March 3, 2023 but you can apply for a scholarship NOW by click this link: https://www.thisisfab.com/scholarship/

Tickets for RIP CITY (an experimental comedy show hosted by Nameless Numberhead ) 1/28/23

BUY TICKETS: https://www.numberheadcomedy.com/tickets

Episode 228: “NOMA is Nomo?” with Special Guest Robert Pratt

I decide to phone a friend to sort out my feelings on some recent food headlines, including but not limited to René Redzepi announcing Noma’s imminent closure in 2024, AI in restaurants in Charleston and Trader Joe’s lack of food. Robert and I both worked at Noma for free, coincidentally, and we weigh in on what the announcement means for the food world.

Follow Robert on Instagram + Tik Tok. @chezchezrobert

Episode 226: 23 and Me.

It’s not what you think. No food predictions here…(I hate those…can we just all agree that those are pointless and boring.) On today’s show I look back on last year and then look forward into 2023 and then I hurt my neck so I decide to just hang out right here..in the world of Effin B Radio..right now. Follow your dreams people, unless you’re like me and only have nightmares about having it out with everyone you’ve ever worked with, in which case I recommend following your day dreams or lucid dreams only. Happy New Year. Thank you for hanging on for nearly 7 years. I can’t wait to see what this year brings.

Episode 224: Holiday Party Animal

There’s a bunch of fun holiday markets and shows and other shit happening in Charleston this month! I talk about a few and manage to resurrect my holiday spirit. By the end of the episode I’m even mildly excited about December in spite of myself.

Then, I take way too long to go over all the different snacks I’ll be making on Christmas Eve and caution you against humiliating your guests by making, ridiculous, impossible-to-eat, sloppy, giant, stupid canapés.



“a small French passed hors d’oeuvre. AKA one-biters.” (I made this definition up. but it’s accurate.)

However, if your goal is to humiliate your guests…I provide a few good examples of just how to do that. Whatever you’re into, there’s something for everyone. Bah H—appy Holidays…. 😒