Episode #142: Corona-Phone-A-Friend II

In the second part of our series on Covid-19 vs. Restaurants, we cover two new cities: Savannah, Georgia and Austin, Texas.  Danny Skalak reports on the situation in Savannah and why statistics can be deceiving. Arjav Ezekiel tells us about a brilliant petition he wrote to get relief for the people suffering the terrifying financial ramifications of small business closures.  If you want to weigh in on how the Covid-19 is affecting your restaurant community send me a message at effinbradio@gmail.com  and we will give you a Corona-Call.

Episode #141: Corona Phone-a Friend

Lindsay calls up a few friends in the industry to see how people are coping with the Covid-19 ramifications all over the country.  She calls restaurant royalty: Katie Bell and the endlessly talented Chef Suzanne Cupps of 232 Bleeker in NYC and then switches time zones to chat with the Duke of Hospitality himself: Robert Pratt of The French laundry. SPOILER ALERT: you’ll feel much better after hearing these brilliant minds calmly discuss the state of the union.

Episode #139: LIVE at CHWFF feat CORRIE WANG


In this episode Lindsay retells a story about a Perfect Manhattan and accidentally says “Perfect Martini” instead…no less than 4 times because she was a little nervous doing the show LIVE at the Charleston Wine and Food Festival Office.  She interviews the endlessly interesting Corrie Wang, two time published author and co-owner of Jack Rabbit Filly (that restaurant everyone can’t stop screaming about. ) and it’s simply a delightful jaunt of a listen.  A most sincere “Thank You” to Tasting Notes LIVE a podcast by CHWFF for having us..and to all of the lovely humans who sat in the audience and smiled at us…we are just so grateful.


Lindsay is back from the dead.  She ponders whether wellness and F & B can ever truly go together AND She shares THREE chances for you to come hang with her this month alone…yah know to make up for lost time.  Check them out below and let’s effin b together!!!!


2/12 @ 4pm LIVE PODCAST with magnificent unicorn Corrie Wang of Jack Rabbit Filly at Charleston Wine and Food:   https://charlestonwineandfood.com/events/effin-b-radio-live/

2/16 EXCESS BOXES COMEDY SHOW @ TIN ROOF (tickets at the door only)