Episode 224: Holiday Party Animal

There’s a bunch of fun holiday markets and shows and other shit happening in Charleston this month! I talk about a few and manage to resurrect my holiday spirit. By the end of the episode I’m even mildly excited about December in spite of myself.

Then, I take way too long to go over all the different snacks I’ll be making on Christmas Eve and caution you against humiliating your guests by making, ridiculous, impossible-to-eat, sloppy, giant, stupid canapés.



“a small French passed hors d’oeuvre. AKA one-biters.” (I made this definition up. but it’s accurate.)

However, if your goal is to humiliate your guests…I provide a few good examples of just how to do that. Whatever you’re into, there’s something for everyone. Bah H—appy Holidays…. 😒

Episode 212: Restaurant Meme Mania with Eli Sussman

On today’s show I sit down with Restaurant-Meme-Mogul, Eli Sussman. I think Eli is extremely funny and so does everyone on Instagram who’s ever worked in a restaurant. GO SEE THE MEMES HERE: https://www.instagram.com/thesussmans/?hl=en and listen in to find out more about how he became the king of the meme, where you can eat his food in NYC and what he would be doing if he wasn’t already VERY BUSY making us all laugh.

Episode 211: FIFO

JEREMY CROFT IS HAVING AN ART SHOW AT STEMS AND SKINS!!! August 4th 2022 @ 7pm and I really hope you come to it. There will be cool wines and gorgeous paintings and good times.

Check out his beautiful work here: https://www.instagram.com/_jeremy_croft/

Purchase Jeremy’s Work Here: http://www.jeremycroft.net

PLUS, I get deep in the weeds trying to dissect how I feel about FX’s ‘The Bear’ slinging restaurant culture to the forefront of the mainstream consciousness like never before.