Episode 166: Germaine Jenkins + Bridget Besaw of ROOTED a documentary film about FOOD APARTHEID IN AMERICA

Lindsay sits down with Germaine Jenkins, co-founder of Fresh Future Farm and Bridget Besaw, an environmental documentarian, to discuss the forthcoming documentary about FOOD APARTHEID in America: ROOTED. The episode is incredible, but first and foremost please pause the show and go to http://www.rootedfilm.com and donate to their Kickstarter. The film is currently in a round of fundraising needed to take it through the editing process. This is a critical stage in getting this wildly important feature film out into the world. The Kickstarter ends on March 31st, so don’t waste a moment. Germaine’s story is truly remarkable. Listen in now to learn more about how you can support Food Justice in America and the incredible place that is Fresh Future Farm.

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