Episode 160: Weed + Grub

I have so many questions about cooking with cannabis. What is “decarbing”? How do you incorporate THC into a dinner party without getting catastrophically stoned right at the end? Lucky for me the hilarious and wildly talented hosts of Weed + Grub (a podcast about exactly that) have all the answers. Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson (HER REAL NAME) are here today to talk all things WEED + GRUB and I truly learned and laughed so much during this episode. After coming in 3rd on “Worst Cooks In America”, Mike went to Culinary School, has a show called “Glazed” that has featured Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld among others and also won a Gold Medal (THIS IS ALL TRUE…seriously) for Team USA. Mary Jane is a writer and performer, was previously the Culture Editor at High Times and also worked as a Chef on a Salmon Boat in Alaska???! (THIS IS ALSO ALL TRUE! THESE PEOPLE ARE AMAZING). They are both wildly funny and this show is dope. I will see myself out.

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