Episode 157: Thanksgiving Hotline Bling!

Freaking out because the days feel like month-long weeks and Thanksgiving is 20 days away? We can’t make Nevada hurry up but we can help you plan for Thanksgiving and that’s exactly what we intend to do! Your old pal Lindsay is teaming up Hayley Feldman and Alfia Muzio (two extremely qualified professionals) to tackle your Thanksgiving game plan no matter what your Turkey Day is looking like this year. Check it out and send us your questions. To brine or not to brine? what wines go with the whole meal? Is making Parker House rolls hard? We got ya covered. ALSO the incredibly noble Palmetto Pastures here in Charleston is closing their gates but has tons of beautiful inventory ranging from eggs, beef, pork, goat and more. Let’s give them the send off they deserve by buying up their exceptional product. (trust me you’re going to need it for this Holiday Season) You can check out their inventory here:

Palmetto Pastures ❤️