Episode 231: Jeremy Croft Dot Net

In an incredible turn of events I convince Charleston artist, Jeremy Croft to be a guest on my show. We talk about art and how many hours a day we spend talking to each other and I just love him very much. We also briefly touch on how he worked at a Chile’s in case you thought this podcast wasn’t about restaurants anymore…

Jeremy is showing a new group of paintings at Last Saint, tomorrow, Friday 2/3/23 from 5pm on. Stop by and check his work out for yourself. ♥️


Episode 211: FIFO

JEREMY CROFT IS HAVING AN ART SHOW AT STEMS AND SKINS!!! August 4th 2022 @ 7pm and I really hope you come to it. There will be cool wines and gorgeous paintings and good times.

Check out his beautiful work here: https://www.instagram.com/_jeremy_croft/

Purchase Jeremy’s Work Here: http://www.jeremycroft.net

PLUS, I get deep in the weeds trying to dissect how I feel about FX’s ‘The Bear’ slinging restaurant culture to the forefront of the mainstream consciousness like never before.