Episode 226: 23 and Me.

It’s not what you think. No food predictions here…(I hate those…can we just all agree that those are pointless and boring.) On today’s show I look back on last year and then look forward into 2023 and then I hurt my neck so I decide to just hang out right here..in the world of Effin B Radio..right now. Follow your dreams people, unless you’re like me and only have nightmares about having it out with everyone you’ve ever worked with, in which case I recommend following your day dreams or lucid dreams only. Happy New Year. Thank you for hanging on for nearly 7 years. I can’t wait to see what this year brings.

Episode 211: FIFO

JEREMY CROFT IS HAVING AN ART SHOW AT STEMS AND SKINS!!! August 4th 2022 @ 7pm and I really hope you come to it. There will be cool wines and gorgeous paintings and good times.

Check out his beautiful work here: https://www.instagram.com/_jeremy_croft/

Purchase Jeremy’s Work Here: http://www.jeremycroft.net

PLUS, I get deep in the weeds trying to dissect how I feel about FX’s ‘The Bear’ slinging restaurant culture to the forefront of the mainstream consciousness like never before.