Episode 160: Weed + Grub

I have so many questions about cooking with cannabis. What is “decarbing”? How do you incorporate THC into a dinner party without getting catastrophically stoned right at the end? Lucky for me the hilarious and wildly talented hosts of Weed + Grub (a podcast about exactly that) have all the answers. Mike Glazer and Mary Jane Gibson (HER REAL NAME) are here today to talk all things WEED + GRUB and I truly learned and laughed so much during this episode. After coming in 3rd on “Worst Cooks In America”, Mike went to Culinary School, has a show called “Glazed” that has featured Dave Chappelle and Jerry Seinfeld among others and also won a Gold Medal (THIS IS ALL TRUE…seriously) for Team USA. Mary Jane is a writer and performer, was previously the Culture Editor at High Times and also worked as a Chef on a Salmon Boat in Alaska???! (THIS IS ALSO ALL TRUE! THESE PEOPLE ARE AMAZING). They are both wildly funny and this show is dope. I will see myself out.

Episode 159: Tamara Reynolds Is Trying

This will sound like a sweeping statement but this episode with Tamara Reynolds of the fabled supper club “The Sunday Night Dinner in Astoria” and creator of Van Alst Kitchen is one of my favorite episodes in the history of Effin B Radio. She has had a fascinating career, endless stories and is truly hilarious and basically my new best friend. In addition to being a Cookbook Author and professional food stylist for film and television she was a host for Cooking Channel’s “Unique Eats” and we talk about getting fired, our mentors and so much more. Don’t miss it.

Episode 158: Thanks For Making Thanksgiving Easier

I invite a couple of pros on to help make Thanksgiving less awful for all of you seasoned vets and terrified first-timers alike. Hayley Feldman of Chez Tex in Venice, CA and Alfia Muzio of Vestal Life in NYC bring all of their incredible insight to tackle questions that range from “Should I brine my turkey?” to “Is Pie Dough Out Of My League?”. I am always so thankful for you, Dear Listener, and hope this helps in some small way. ❤️ Lindsay

Check Out Hayley’s truly exquisite pastry (and SAVORY FOOD) —–> here:

Check Out Alfia’s wildly helpful and refreshingly approachable cooking consultancy, Vestal Life —–> here:

Episode 157: Thanksgiving Hotline Bling!

Freaking out because the days feel like month-long weeks and Thanksgiving is 20 days away? We can’t make Nevada hurry up but we can help you plan for Thanksgiving and that’s exactly what we intend to do! Your old pal Lindsay is teaming up Hayley Feldman and Alfia Muzio (two extremely qualified professionals) to tackle your Thanksgiving game plan no matter what your Turkey Day is looking like this year. Check it out and send us your questions. To brine or not to brine? what wines go with the whole meal? Is making Parker House rolls hard? We got ya covered. ALSO the incredibly noble Palmetto Pastures here in Charleston is closing their gates but has tons of beautiful inventory ranging from eggs, beef, pork, goat and more. Let’s give them the send off they deserve by buying up their exceptional product. (trust me you’re going to need it for this Holiday Season) You can check out their inventory here:

Palmetto Pastures ❤️

Episode 156: Psycho Candy

Lindsay shares a new Halloween sketch on this months DIGIRIP, tells stories of her childhood halloweens gone by, gives you her favorite apple pie recipe (from Pies and Thighs in Brooklyn) and falls madly in love with Doughboyz Pizza. OH and she challenges us all to think of Steamed Artichokes as the oyster of the plant world.

Episode 153: Vivian Howard Does It All.

Lindsay interviews the brilliant Vivian Howard on today’s episode. They talk about everything from her forthcoming book “This Will Make It Taste Good” to her early years cooking in NYC and of course the brand new concept in Charleston: Handy and Hot. She’s rad and this conversation is fun from the very beginning.

You Can Pre-Order Her New Book “This Will Make It Taste Good” by clicking here.